Abstract class - base class for all persist objects provides common API to access any database adapter. This class describes only abstract behavior layer, refer to lib/adapters/*.js to learn more about specific adapter implementations

AbstractClass mixes Validatable and Hookable classes methods

param Object data - initial object data

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Declared as function (prop, params)

param String prop - property name
param Object params - various property configuration

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Declared as function (data, callback)

Create new instance of Model class, saved in database

param data [optional]
param callback(err, obj) callback called with arguments:

  • err (null or Error)
  • instance (null or Model)
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Declared as AbstractClass.updateOrCreate

Update or insert

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Declared as function exists(id, cb)

Check whether object exitst in database

param id id - identifier of object (primary key value)
param Function cb - callbacl called with (err, exists: Bool)

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Declared as function find(id, cb)

Find object by id

param id id - primary key value
param Function cb - callback called with (err, instance)

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Declared as function all(params, cb)

Find all instances of Model, matched by query make sure you have marked as index: true fields for filter or sort

param Object params (optional)

  • where: Object { key: val, key2: {gt: 'val2'}}
  • order: String
  • limit: Number
  • skip: Number

param Function callback (required) called with arguments:

  • err (null or Error)
  • Array of instances
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Declared as function findOne(params, cb)

Find one record, same as all, limited by 1 and return object, not collection

param Object params - search conditions
param Function cb - callback called with (err, instance)

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Declared as function destroyAll(cb)

Destroy all records
param Function cb - callback called with (err)

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Declared as function (where, cb)

Return count of matched records

param Object where - search conditions (optional)
param Function cb - callback, called with (err, count)

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Declared as function ()

Return string representation of class

override default toString method

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Declared as function hasMany(anotherClass, params)

Declare hasMany relation

param Class anotherClass - class to has many
param Object params - configuration {as:, foreignKey:}
example User.hasMany(Post, {as: 'posts', foreignKey: 'authorId'});

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Declared as function (anotherClass, params)

Declare belongsTo relation

param Class anotherClass - class to belong
param Object params - configuration {as: 'propertyName', foreignKey: 'keyName'}

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Declared as function (name, params)

Define scope TODO: describe behavior and usage examples

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Declared as function (options, callback)

Save instance. When instance haven't id, create method called instead. Triggers: validate, save, update | create
param options {validate: true, throws: false} [optional]
param callback(err, obj)

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Declared as function ()

Return adapter of current record

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Declared as function (onlySchema)

Convert instance to Object

param Boolean onlySchema - restrict properties to schema only, default false when onlySchema == true, only properties defined in schema returned, otherwise all enumerable properties returned
returns Object - canonical object representation (no getters and setters)

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Declared as function (cb)

Delete object from persistence

triggers destroy hook (async) before and after destroying object

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Declared as function updateAttribute(name, value, callback)

Update single attribute

equals to `updateAttributes({name: value}, cb)

param String name - name of property
param Mixed value - value of property
param Function callback - callback called with (err, instance)

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Declared as function updateAttributes(data, cb)

Update set of attributes

this method performs validation before updating

trigger validation, save and update hooks
param Object data - data to update
param Function callback - callback called with (err, instance)

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Declared as function propertyChanged(attr)

Checks is property changed based on current property and initial value

param String attr - property name
return Boolean

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Declared as function reload(callback)

Reload object from persistence

requires id member of object to be able to call find
param Function callback - called with (err, instance) arguments

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Declared as function ()

Reset dirty attributes

this method does not perform any database operation it just reset object to it's initial state

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Declared as function isdef(s)

Check whether s is not undefined
param Mixed s
return Boolean s is undefined

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Declared as function merge(base, update)

Merge base and update params
param Object base - base object (updating this object)
param Object update - object with new data to update base
returns Object base

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Declared as function defineReadonlyProp(obj, key, value)

Define readonly property on object

param Object obj
param String key
param Mixed value

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Declared as function addToCache(constr, obj)

Add object to cache

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Declared as function touchCache(constr, id)

Renew object position in LRU cache index

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Declared as function getCached(constr, id)

Retrieve cached object

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Declared as function clearCache(constr)

Clear cache (fully)

removes both cache and LRU index

param Class constr - class constructor

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Declared as function removeFromCache(constr, id)

Remove object from cache

param Class constr
param id id

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